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Excellent. Kelly Engelmann and her knowledgeable staff have assisted me and my family in our pathway to wellness!

- suzie foote

Wellness is a process for me. I was happy to find wonderful friends, excellent education and great help in my search at Enhanced Wellnesss. Kelly's instruction and Paul's physical training have helped me reach new goals and understanding. I am thrilled to have found them and wish everyone could.

- Louise Barnard

Simply awesome. They are more thorough than just about any doctor. They take time to explain in English what's going on and what the game plan will be. Most excellent.

- Terry Brown

I have so many ways that I have been inspired to change my life here at Enhanced Wellness from the wellness testing, to classes that keep you on track and last but certainly not least the exercise program...this team lives and breathes their lifestyle and is there for you ALL THE WAY!

- Victoria Ramsey

I feel so much better after almost 2 months of following the EWL recommendations. I've lost 18 lbs and my waist is down 4 inches.

- Beverly Rodriguez

kelly made a specific program for me so that i would know exactly what to do. i went through a detox which wasn't easy, but i felt so much better just after the 21-day detox!

- Dianne

I'm so thankful for Kelly and her entire staff. They have been a Godsend.

- Noel Brantley

 I came to Enhanced Wellness at a point where I was exhausted with the lack of improvement from traditional medicine. I highly recommend this group to all [who] have a desire to live in optimal health.

- Nancy Lane

it's really freeing to know that i can correct all of this on my own with her help. No magic pill or anything. it's just true clean eating and taking care of yourself.

- karen

Anything to help keep a person up to date on their medical options is a wonderful thing to have.

- Denise Hebert Rials

The work they are doing here is truly revolutionary. I absolutely love what

the team at Enhanced Wellness Living is

delivering to patients!

- Jason Prall

 I have tried everything out there and always failed in my efforts. Enhanced Wellness has given me the tools that my primary care physicians could not. With their support I was able to lower my A1C level from 7.5 to 6 which is quite a feat in itself. I am thankful for each member of their team as they are always willing to go above and beyond my expectations to make sure I succeed in each area of my lifestyle journey to change.

- Cindy jones

Live life well

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