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Our consultations are both held in our Ridgeland office. We also take clients on a grocery store tour and invite them into Kelly's home for a special juicing and smoothie making tutorial. 

where are the consultations held?

what is involved in the consultation?

Prior to your consultation with Kelly, you will fill out the New Patient Packet. We will review that information during your consultation. This is a time for you to come with questions and all of your concerns. Take time to think about how you are feeling, what some of your problems are, and overall how you are living day-to-day. 

how long does this whole process last?

Everyone's care is crafted differently - That's what makes us unique! Some people might start to see signs of healing right away (even during the 21-day detox), while others might take a little longer to pinpoint exactly what is causing inflammation. 

Live life well

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