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watch the video below to get to know our staff

kelly engelmann 

Family Nurse Practitioner, Founder

of Enhanced Wellness Living 

Kelly B. Engelmann is a Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, The Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and the American Board of

Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. She earned an undergraduate nursing degree from the University of Mississippi, a graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a master’s degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine from the University of Southern Florida Medical School and completed the fellowship in Anti-Aging Medicine with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). She is very active in and committed to both the Mississippi Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association.


Lab Administrator  

Tiny joined Enhanced Wellness Living with approximately 17 years of experience in the medical field. She enjoys educating patients on why the testing is important and ensuring protocols are followed in the collection of samples. She provides appropriate education to patients and families utilizing effective teaching skills. Tiny also manages overall lab operations and developing procedures to ensure safety, security, quality, and accuracy of results. Tiny enjoys contributing to the patient’s plan of care by providing the clinic staff with testing results. To relax, she enjoys shopping and traveling with her daughter Ja'Niya.


Paul C. blanco III 

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Paul graduated from Belhaven University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine & Exercise Science and is a Certified Wellness Coach through Spencer Institute and is also a Certified Phlebotomist.  He is currently continuing his education through the Institute of Functional Medicine working towards becoming a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  As the Health & Wellness Coordinator for Enhanced Wellness Living, Paul teaches his clients the importance of strength training, body composition, and nutrition.  He enjoys listening, motivating & empowering clients through open, honest, and effective communication, which enables him to build long lasting relationships and friendships with EWL clients. Paul can usually be found cooking delicious, healthy meals for his wonderful wife and his twin sons when they are home from college. He also enjoys, singing, running on the Natchez Trace, playing U.S.T.A League Tennis, and strength training.

Branch dildine 

Outreach Coordinator

Branch Dildine is the Outreach Coordinator for Enhanced Wellness Living. His passion is connecting people and helping them understand the importance of Functional Medicine and how it focuses on healing the person and not just managing symptoms. Branch holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Masters in Human Resources. Upon retiring from the Army, Branch has dedicated his experience to helping others grow, and achieve success in the pursuit of their health, and career goals. Branch continues to develop personally and believes that the limits of your accomplishments rest on your desire and the effort you put into making them a reality. Branch teaches the grocery store tour, and the juicing and smoothies class. A life-long desire to learn and teach others is his passion. In his off time, Branch enjoys running, strength training, traveling and reading! His extensive travels to over 35 countries have taught him how to listen and develop the ability to learn quickly! Finally, in his travels, he collects toy soldiers as a way of remembering the historical roots of his visits!

FELICE blanco

Educator and Mentor

Felice graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center with a bachelor’s degree in health information management with highest honors. She is credentialed as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Felice is still very involved in the HIIM program at UMC, welcoming students to Enhanced Wellness to mentor and educate them in a clinical setting.

Laura E. Algood 

Registered Nurse, Registered Dietitian, Registered Massage Therapist. 

Laura graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor’s in Nutrition in 2001 and a Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2011. She graduated with a certification in Massage Therapy in 2003. As the Registered Nurse and Registered Dietician at Enhanced Wellness Living, Laura educates clients on healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices, while motivating individuals to take their health into their own hands. She also oversees the nutritional IV program. Laura has a passion for health and wellness and enjoys learning about the latest research in this area through reading and listening to podcasts.  She enjoys preparing healthy meals, especially from plant based recipes. Laura is an avid athlete who loves long distance running, strength training, and any activity that involves being outside. 

Live life well

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